We are committed to upholding an inclusive and equitable community for all.

亿德体育 is dedicated to building a diverse, vibrant educational community grounded in appreciation for others, 思想开放,尊重他人. 这所大学是建立在人人都有受教育的权利这一原则之上的. As part of our commitment to inclusive excellence and equity in education, Temple upholds the belief that each student, 教职员工的声音和经验很重要,对我们是谁同样不可或缺. 

提高天普每个人的生活质量是我们的共同责任. 我们提供安全的, supportive and welcoming environment in which to grow, 学习和工作, thus realizing the transformational power of being a part of the Temple community. 所有的学生和圣殿社区的所有成员都被鼓励做他们自己,没有恐惧或评判.

Temple condemns all forms of discrimination, 包括所有反犹分子, 种族主义或煽动性语言, 仇恨言论, 呼吁暴力, and the disparagement of any person or persons based on religion, 国籍, 比赛, 性别, 性取向或性身份. 


我们全校范围的倡议, 学术项目, 资源和研究植根于平等和同理心,这样每个人在这里都能得到他们需要的支持和资源. Everyone should feel empowered to be themselves, be open to new experiences and be a part of solutions to pressing challenges, and we are our students’ greatest 提倡 while they are here. 

要做到这一点, 邓波儿强调并欢迎关于校园中真实问题的真实对话, 全国乃至全世界, 我们相信这是打开, 包容和安全的校园环境. We continually evolve over time to address important topics and make necessary change.  

了解更多关于大学活动的信息, 项目, 资源和服务旨在帮助每个人感到安全和自由地在坦普尔找到自己的位置.


In 2020, Temple committed $1 million to combat racism. This is our promise to identify new ways we can address racism on our campuses, 在费城和整个社会. 

Our initiatives include campuswide anti-racism training and 核心课程变化, reinvesting in anti-racism education, creating the 反种族主义中心优先招聘和保留有色人种的教职员工,建立一个 bridge program for North Philadelphia youth to create better pathways to higher education, and much more. 


蒂莫西·维尔贝克, 他是一名民权律师,也是坦普尔大学非洲学和非裔美国人研究系的副教授, the center seeks to solve problems of racial inequity and injustice. 它于11月开业. 14, 2022, 它是坦普尔大学在这一领域研究的焦点,也是坦普尔大学和其他大学学者之间合作的家园. 

亿德体育’s Institutional Diversity, 股本, Advocacy and 领导

机构Diversity办公室, 股本, Advocacy and 领导 (理想的); 第九条; and 机会均等 comprise 理想的, which seeks to engage and empower our evolving community of students, 教职员工. 


We know that navigating college can be challenging for our students. 我们提供支持系统和资源,帮助学生管理大学的需求,使他们走上成功之路. Learn more about the 保健和福利司 at Temple.


亿德体育优先考虑各种能力的人充分参与大学项目的权利, 资源及服务, and we work to ensure students have an equitable experience across our campuses.



The Temple community comprises students from all over the world—approximately 3,000名国际学生在亿德体育学习. Our international students always have a home here.

Temple’s Office of 全球合作 recruits a diverse international student body, 确保国际学生获得成功所需的资源和支持, 并鼓励学生出国留学.


#YouAreWelcomeHere奖学金是亿德体育为国际学生提供的经济奖励之一. 每年, 该奖项旨在表彰两名一年级国际学生,他们的愿景是通过年度研讨会增进跨文化理解, 可再生的奖学金.


通过OWL连接, 你可以找到学生组织和机会,帮助你发现同龄人并与他们交往, 与你的个人目标和价值观保持一致, 发展和扩大你的兴趣, 领导对你来说很重要的项目, and become more involved on campus and in Philadelphia.